Behind the scenes 6 October 2020

Handicraft with fabrics at the center of our production

Every day the fabrics for our office furniture are unrolled on large high tables. In the past, nine women used to come together to cut to measure each fabric using readymade moulds. That way, the right patterns for each product were cut by hand. Would it still be like this? Read all about it in the blog post below.

Upholstery is craftmanship

So there used to be nine women cutting fabric every day. Nowadays, the patterns are all stored in a computer and our fabrics are cut using two CNC cutting machines. One for the under layers and one for the precision work and visible fabrics.

“Seamless upholstery is pure craftsmanship, it can never be done without people.”
– Niek Renders (CEO, Drisag)


Don’t be mistaken, as it remains a challenge to deliver the same high quality cutting time after time. Moreover, our products are completely tailored to the customer’s needs, resulting in the use of different fabrics with different product characteristics each time. The techniques used can’t be learnt at school. The handcraft performed is pure craftsmanship that requires years of experience. This is why we are one of the largest upholsterers in Belgium. Possibly even the largest.

Artisanal upholstery process

Because upholstering is more than just cutting out fabrics. It is also stitching, covering, stapling and so on. A standard upholstery process? It starts in the stitching department. There, all the seperate pieces of fabric – cut to size – are sewn together to create a cover. Afterwards, our craftsmen cover the wooden carcasses with the stitched covers. This is where the large products are separated from the smaller ones. Why are we doing that? Whenever upholstering a larger piece, quite some strength is needed. This includes soft seating solutions such as the BeA Bench and Ply.

“You can’t learn upholstery at school. The craftsmanship we have
in that department is enormous.” 
– Marcel Smets (Managing Director, Drisag)


The great asset we get from this artisanal production is that we can switch quickly, for instance whenever the fabric or color changes. Moreover, we work very bespoke at the customer’s request. We upholster any kind of fabric in any color on any Drisag product.

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