Inspiration 8 June 2020

From workplaces to places that work in 5 steps

The corona measures have been loosened for a while now and the roads are filling up again. It’s getting busier everywhere and everyone is taking up their normal life again. But what is normal these days? How has the corona crisis changed office furnishing? Five working trends that have become daily reality in one fell swoop.

1. The office becomes a meeting place

Thanks to corona, different working trends are gaining momentum. For example, we’ve noticed that offices are permanently being given a different layout and function. They are now more than ever seen as a meeting place. A meeting place for colleagues, but also for clients. Virtual meetings and working from home, all well and good, but we also need physical encounters. Have you never missed the small talk at the coffee machine at home?


“It’s all in a healthy mix of working from home
and feeling at home at work.”

– Ad Renders

2. Feeling at home at work

In your lifetime you spend more time in the office than at home. So your office should be your second home. But how do you give a workplace a homey atmosphere?

  • Homey office furniture: Go for office furniture that wouldn’t look out of place at home either. That way we come to think of our Charlie Chair, which comes into its own everywhere, from the meeting room to the lunch area. Or its lounge version, which you can use for creating nice corners with a cozy carpet.
  • Plants: Plants also give your workplace a homey vibe and are known for improving the air quality in the office.
  • Office pet: Bring your pet to the office. An office dog provides positivity and relaxation, among other things.


3. The office as a source of inspiration

Think of a wall that you turn into a wall of inspiration. Hang up thank you’s from customers or display ideas or funny photos and ask for feedback. Use these recycled felt panels as a notice board. They also improve the acoustics in the room. Or place a movable wall with magnetic whiteboard in the shape of the Moveable Acoustiwall. If you really want to go all out, you can create certain inspirational spaces. Transform your lunch spot into a café with a barista. Because we cannot ignore the importance of good coffee. Right? Another out of the box idea is to decorate your lounge or brainstorm room as a library. Great, right?

4. Activity based working

We are now more creative than ever about how and where we work. As a result, we are seeing an increase in interest in arrangements that are based on the activity itself. Employees can choose the perfect workplace for their working day according to their needs and activities. We divide the office space into several areas where no one has a personal desk. Think of concentration areas such as the Ply Booth where you can retreat to concentrate on your work. But brainstorm rooms, call rooms, lounge areas, stand up meeting rooms and meeting rooms are an option as well.

80% of companies want to continue to use teleworking.

5. Working from home is a continuing trend

Out of necessity, working from home has become the norm today. But are we all returning to the office full-time after the corona crisis? We don’t think so. The homeworking trend that was already in progress is gaining momentum after this pandemic. 80% of companies want to continue to use teleworking. If you work from home, it is important that you sit on a comfortable chair and at a solid desk, but that is not feasible for everyone. Does your employer offer a home workplace as a solution? An employer may not be obliged to provide you with good furniture, but it’s still worth raising the issue. It certainly gives your health and that of your colleagues a boost!

Do you want to transform your workplace into a place that works? Discuss it with us.

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