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Inspiration 26 August 2021

From office furniture to total design concepts

At Drisag, we want to help you bring ideas to life. Whether you want to renovate an office space or redecorate. We have everything you need to make your next project a reality. Why search the internet when you can buy everything at Drisag?

A few years ago, all offices looked alike. The one-size-fits-all concept is completely outdated. The furnishing of an office is increasingly linked to corporate values. Nowadays, an office has several functions. The working day is arranged differently, as are the spaces within the company building. How do you create the right working environment for your staff? How do you arrange the rooms practically? In short, what does your dream office look like?

     1. Welcome

The first impression counts. The reception area or waiting room is your company’s business card. It is still too often underestimated, but the design of a reception area or waiting room has a great influence on the state of mind of your future customer. We prefer not to wait too long. But if we make the wait as pleasant as possible, we feel more at ease. The right choice of reception furniture, colour and lighting create a relaxed atmosphere. If you have to sit on a wooden chair or a soft sofa, we all choose the comfortable sofa. This is also hospitality. It is a must to give your customers a warm welcome. With Drisag, you will soon give your interior the most pleasant ‘welcome’ ever.


Ontvangstruimte met gele en grijze zetels

    2. Coffee corner

A corner that is often forgotten when designing the office. The meeting place par excellence is of inestimable value. The coffee corner is the place for your employees to let go of work for a while and catch up with colleagues. And not just about personal matters, this is also the place where they can meet informally and discuss new creative ideas. In addition, these cosy get-togethers also promote team spirit.

Koffietassen op salontafel

    3. Relaxation room

Relaxation is not an afterthought but a main issue. Your workplace will become more of a clubhouse that will foster a sense of belonging in the workplace. A place where colleagues meet and inspire each other. Where they can develop and stimulate each other. A relaxation area, you can take that literally. Your staff don’t come here to work, they come here to relax. As long as the environment looks too much like a traditional working environment, nobody will be able to make the connection. It is therefore a must to provide a separate zone for the relaxation area, which may or may not be separate from the open space. The way to more happiness at work in your organisation

Tafelvoetbalspel met vier personen

    4. Concentration rooms

Working in a large office jungle can make team members feel insecure, overstimulated and tired. The only way to ensure concentration and productivity is to create quiet areas or concentration rooms. A place where your employees can retreat. Peace and quiet nurture creativity and help you organise your thoughts. It is important that your employees can work where they want to work and not feel trapped in a large space. In the future, we will have to take the needs and wishes of the staff more into account. They need to be in it every day and be happy with the end result. Each employee has different needs, so provide plenty of options. Create space for online meetings. Online meetings are booming and will continue to do so. In an open-plan office, a virtual meeting is more difficult due to the lack of concentration and focus. Make sure your employees have a place to sit separately. As well as for telephoning, but also for meeting or brainstorming without disturbing colleagues. An acoustic meeting room is a must for every company. Make peace and quiet part of the workplace.

Rode zetel coworking

   5. Office garden

Working inside for 8 hours a day with artificial lighting and little daylight? For many people, this is everyday reality. Yet the solution is surprisingly simple. Easy-to-maintain outdoor furniture and a good Wi-Fi connection is all you need to work outdoors. For example, when working outside, you feel less of a headache or forget about other physical discomforts, and your positive feelings and energy increase. As a bonus, there are even more positive effects of working outside. It gets you out of your office chair, for example, because “sitting is the new smoking”. Working outside is distracting, but in the right way. The walk outside during lunch is a healthy break. The environment is suddenly inspiring. You don’t have to work outside on your own. Brainstorming sessions, meetings or daily consultations can also take place outside. A performance review during a walk? Why not! If you meet up with clients, you can even make it your ‘hallmark’: meeting people is always more fun in the open air.

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From workplaces to places that work.
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