Zwarte bureaustoel, witte bureau
Ergonomics 22 June 2021

Econic office chair: a long-term project

No less than 24 months ago, we started playing with the idea of developing an ecological office chair. A Drisag design where circularity is key. But how do you start this? And which phases did we go through? Our design team is happy to tell you all about it.

“We noticed a strong demand from the market for a different shape and especially a sustainable office chair. Through a market survey we were able to discover new needs. We created an internal list of requirements. What was in it? Several technical aspects with a common thread, namely, a circular structure that meets the latest ergonomic European standard,” say Niek, Sam and Isaac.

Zwarte bureaustoel aan witte bureau


1. Design phase

“As soon as we knew in general terms which direction we wanted to go, we could start designing. This is always done in phases. We took into account the latest ergonomic European standards, EN 1335-2020 and ISO 24496, now defined as “Type Ax chair”. This determines the chair’s adjustment range.. The shape is then designed around this range. This was a big challenge for us. It has to be not only ergonomic but also pleasing to the eye,” explains our three-person design team.

After defining the adjustment range and shape, the chair is developed, tested internally, re-evaluated and further refined. This phase is the most time consuming. Each time a few small adjustments, accents that are adjusted or moulds that are remade. After many 3D models and real life size test models, there is finally a final design.

2. Ecological production

Niek, Sam and Isaac explain that they also kept another aspect in mind. “We wanted to produce as ecologically as possible. As well as making all the parts recyclable. We had to reduce the foam significantly. This component is in fact the most polluting of the entire construction of an office chair. Foam is always glued to other components, which often makes it impossible to separate. So we came up with a new idea for the back of the chair. We didn’t go for a glued back with foam, nor a netweave back.”


Zwarte bureaustoel, onderstel



3. Testing phase

Finally, the office chair is tested in a test center on the ergonomic adjustment range and durability. After good test results, we have the certificate and our office chair is officially EN 1335-2020 certified.

A new office chair that is ergonomic, ecological and iconic, Econic.
The office chair where we combine the sustainable with well-being.

Would you like to test this chair in your company for ten working days? Get in touch with us.

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