Behind the scenes 12 October 2020

Drisag reveals. How we produce everything in-house

We often say that our products are handmade and Belgian. But what does it mean? Where exactly do we manufacture our products? And if it’s actually based in Belgium, how much handcrafts are still involved? With this blog post, we would like to give you an idea of our production unit.

Handmade in Herenatls

Drisag’s workshop is located In the backyard of our showroom in Herentals. Here, a lot of interior solutions are brought to life every day. Men and women process metal tubes, wooden carcasses and various fabrics into finished office chairs, tables and much more. The remaining question: does Drisag actually still produce by hand in Belgium?

Wearing a big and proud smile, we can confirm this. Yes, all products are produced in Belgium, in Herentals to be more precise. And yes, Drisag still produces by hand.

But each product does involve a lot of manual operations such as welding in the metal department, but also epoxy coating in our powder coating facility. Each frame in a different specific color on the customer’s request. Up to bringing together and assembling all the different parts into one finished product, ready for delivery. We unite different crafts into one finished quality product of our own.

“Everyone who walks through our factory is amazed at the amount of handwork that is still involved.” 
– Niek Renders (CEO, Drisag)

Production process of a Drisag piece

Because images say more than a thousand words, we show our production process of a brand new Ply element. From a wooden carcass to an upholstered Drisag furniture. From the cutting machine to the assembly of the furniture.

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