Event 14 February 2019

Drisag is a springboard for young designers

In keeping with tradition, Drisag organised its yearly NWOW design contest, a design competition in which students compete for a royalty contract. 

The NWOW design contest promotes the new way of working. This year, the UHasselt students were challenged to design products that fit into our range and are suitable for the new way of working. Three designs stood out and exceptionally, both the winner and the runner-up earned a royalty contract.

Maaswerk   (Loes Maas – Winner)

A light, breezy and contemporary partition wall with unprecedented possibilities.

Go-easy   (Maud Ordutowski – Runner-up)

A practical and super soft storage bag that can be hung from the desk.

GRIDD   (Tessa Verreth – 2nd runner-up)

An acoustic partition panel with magnetic storage compartments that can be attached to the partition panel and carried in a handy storage bag.

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