Tip 19 May 2020

Delimit your workplace in 4 easy steps!

We often underestimate how long 1.5 meter is. We unconsciously get closer during informal conversations or short meetings with colleagues. That’s why it’s better to visualize the 1.5 meter limit by dividing your workstations into clearly separated zones. How?

1. 1.5 meter circles

Place large circles with a radius of 1.5 meter around each workstation. These circles immediately designate the demarcation.

2. One-way traffic in your office?

In addition, the best thing to do is to adjust the routing throughout the whole office. Implement walkways or arrows. Does your office building have quite narrow corridors? Then go for one-way traffic. It ensures everyone walking at a safe distance and you won’t have to cross each other. If you don’t have any arrows and you want to solve it properly, think about our felt road signs, fabric Pylons or acoustic partitions. Would you rather have a felt sign with your own message? Sure you can. By keeping our production in Belgium, we can personalize our felt panels.

3. Safe and secure coffee making & printing

Do you ever have a chat at the coffee maker? Draw waiting lines on the ground. They will visualize the 1.5 meter distance and remind all users to maintain it. Do you prefer a more physical barrier for your employees to get around? Place partitions or hang felt panels near the coffee maker and the print corner. If they are no longer needed later on, they can be placed on their stand and be used as an acoustic partition and/or awning.

4. Separate yourself from your colleagues

Make your workplace safe by shielding yourself from your colleagues. And feel free to take this literally because we do shield ourselves by means of acoustic partitions. They will not only create a quiet workplace without distractions, but they will also ensure a safe distance. To separate desks, it is best to use movable walls such as our Desk Divider and Partition Screen. Permanent or larger screens are recommended when dividing larger spaces, lunch areas or to protect production workers. Think about our Desk Screens, CoupéScreens and Many Floors. Not fully convinced yet? With some partitions you can have a plexiglass top wall (Sally) attached to them for the ultimate feeling of security.

Would you also like to monitor the physical distance to ensure your colleagues can work in a safe environment?

Talk to us.

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