Inspiration 18 March 2020

3 Tips for decorating an empty wall in your office

Do you have an empty wall in your office? And you don’t know how to brighten it up? Bring more ambiance and cosiness into your work environment. Here are 3 tips for dressing up an empty wall in your workplace.

1. Urban jungle

Go for plants! Integrating plants and moss walls in the office offers many advantages. Plants are known for improving the air quality in the office. Besides that, they improve creativity and productivity. And last but not least it works acoustically and increases concentration. In short, plants in the workplace increase the general well-being.

2. Improve acoustics

Tranquility. Privacy. Focus. Are you annoyed by those loud phone calls from your colleagues or the buzz of the printer? Our different acoustic solutions offer so much more than just silence. They create the atmosphere and tranquility you need to work productively. Our most used acoustic solutions are the AcoustiPanels. They can be fully personalized by choosing the colors that suit your brand identity or by choosing a photo print. Besides that you can also go for the eco-friendly version, the Ecoustipads. Those are made of furniture fabric excess.  We recently designed round AcoustiPanels, namely the AcoustiSpheres.

3. Particular wallpaper

Plain wallpaper makes a wall feel very empty. Go for a nice print! If you add color to your workplace, you’ll immediately feel more creative. If you are not a lover of real plants, go for jungle wallpaper. Wallpaper plants don’t need maintenance. Moreover, a nice wallpaper keeps you in a good mood all year round!

Do you have an empty wall you’d like to dress up?

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