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Milieu 28 June 2021

Circular business card : Econic 

We have been developing and producing office furniture since 1975. This includes office chairs whose main feature is optimal seating comfort and ergonomically certified solutions. In recent years we have also focused on sustainability. We already make many sustainable choices in our daily activities, in the fabrics and in the construction of products. But a circular office chair was still missing.


1. Ecologic

To make an office chair ecological, we had to significantly reduce the foam in particular. This component is in fact the most polluting of the entire construction of an office chair. Foam is always glued to other components so it often cannot be separated. So we came up with a new idea for the back of the chair. We didn’t go for a glued back with foam, but neither did we go for a netweave back. For what then?

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2. Technology

We work with an innovative technology where the fabric is stretched over the backrest and shrinks when it is heated. The fibers in the fabric contract and so you get a nice tension and support on the back. It gives better support than netweave and it is more ecological than a glued back with foam. As a result, we significantly reduce the amount of foam in the construction of the new office chair.




The seat still consists of foam, but it is no longer glued. In addition, the seat is upholstered using a different technique. In the past, the fabric was stapled along the entire length. After some investments, such as a new sewing machine, we can now upholster by pulling cord. This is incorporated into the fabric using stitching. For a nice tight upholstery, we pull this cord.

You hear it. By making smart choices in the construction of the office chair and using new technologies, we designed our first circular office chair. An office chair that doesn’t require any permanent connections.

With the Econic we combine the ergonomic, ecological and iconic.

Would you like to test this chair for 10 working days in your office? Contact us.

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