Ergonomics 23 August 2022

Circular story: Prio sit-stand desk

In our previous blog post, you read that we introduced a desk called Prio in 1997. This table evolved into a real modular table programme with which we can furnish any space. As a result, there are an incredible number of these tables in circulation. This got our product development thinking. We are going to develop our first self-produced sit-stand desk. But how can we combine this with the already circulating Prio tables and make them sustainable?

We realised that simply replacing a static table with an ergonomic sit-stand desk was not sustainable. So the product developers came up with the ingenious idea of developing the new Prio sit-stand frame in such a way that an already existing Prio table could easily be converted.

By converting a static Prio table into an ergonomic desk, your working comfort is tremendously increased and physical complaints are eliminated. Moreover, we significantly reduce the waste compared to buying a new height-adjustable desk.

The reconstruction may sound drastic and far-reaching, but nothing is less true. In theory, only the leg frame is changed and the electrification is connected. This ergonomic intervention can even be done on your work floor.

Are you wondering if this is possible with your Prio table?

Find out here and download the detailed brochure of our newest Prio sit-stand.



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