Fabrics 21 February 2023

5 trends in our updated showroom

Our renewed showroom is a space where we can inspire you as a customer in a homely environment. Experience is central to this. Our living showroom is an interplay of timeless design with contemporary trends. We bid you welcome, the coffee is already ready.

1. No sharp edges

Out with sharp edges, welcome curves. The round and organic shapes that made their appearance in 2022 will continue and become even more pronounced in 2023. The curves create cosiness and softness. This provides a nice contrast to the clean lines of the building and gently breaks up the space. Rounded furniture makes a space look softer and exudes a natural calm. There are several rounded eye-catchers in our showroom.

2. Recycling and upcycling

At Drisag, we prefer quality over quantity. Our furniture pieces last longer and we produce them ourselves, locally. Discarded pieces of furniture can often be fully or partially processed into new furniture. In this way, as little material as possible is lost and the cycle remains closed. When renewing our showroom, we also used as much existing furniture as possible. We revamped our coat racks by repainting them. Several soft-seating solutions and office chairs were reupholstered. In 2023, we continue to pursue a sustainable policy in all areas of the company.

3. A living showroom that grows with you

Nowhere is there as much life in a showroom as at Drisag. No dead showroom with us. But a modular interior that is being worked on. Our furniture is designed to grow with your business. Flexibility and functionality are increasingly prominent aspects when it comes to office furniture. We focus more on the wishes of the user, who can choose from a wide range of options. This is also the essence of modular interiors. From a base, the possibilities are endless. The way to buy less new interior stuff is to opt for a modular interior.

4. Fabric play

No raw materials or tantalising fabric, but rather more teddy or velvet fabrics. These trends are featured in our showroom. We consciously chose a wide variety of fabrics. From a bold statement motif to subtle fabrics with finely woven structure. Black office chairs? You can, but we also show that things can be different. From beige to shades of green and blue. We want to inspire and show what is possible.

5. New colour concepts

In 2023, we will bring nature inside en masse by mixing natural colours such as green, beige and warm reds and browns. These colours are subtly reflected in the bases of our sit-stand desks. Even the Fennels and curtains that divide our showroom and promote acoustics are in earthy tones. Those who are not so keen on warm hues and are more in favour of cooler colours also come into their own. Through the fresh combination of blue tones such as cobalt blue, pastel blue, ice blue and white, we also create serene spaces to unwind in.

Curious about our revamped showroom and which trends suit your company?
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