Ergonomics 5 January 2021

3 myths about ergonomics debunked

The attention paid to ergonomics in the workplace has only increased in recent years. And rightly so, because an ergonomically designed workplace can prevent a great deal of discomfort and therefore also sick leave. But what exactly is ergonomics? Discover it on the basis of 3 myths that we would like to debunk for you.

Myth 1: Ergonomics is only about a good sitting posture

Wrong: Ergonomics is so much more than just adopting a good sitting posture. Ergonomics is about the safety, health and well-being of your employees. It’s about adapting their work environment to the people who work in it. In other words, the well-being and human welfare is central. Or as we call it, job satisfaction is central.

Myth 2: An ergonomically designed office is a nice extra

Ergonomics is certainly not a unnecessary luxury. In an ergonomically designed workplace, employees feel comfortable because it is designed according to their needs. A logical consequence of this is that they function better. Which in turn leads to better performance. A win-win situation.

Myth 3: You get ergonomics by buying an ergonomic office chair

Your office chair is obviously very important for a healthy and responsible posture. But the whole design of your workplace affects your working comfort and your health. Think about the height of your desk or your display, the position of your computer mouse and keyboard. It is also important that you use a healthy mix of sitting, standing and exercise. A few simple interventions often have a major effect.

Curious how you can achieve this? Contact us for customised advice, and transform your workplace into an ergonomic work environment in no time.

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