The design is delightful, the technique and functionality are revolutionary. With REact, Drisag is launching an office chair which brings into practice all the knowledge of healthy and ergonomic seating.

design by Ton Haas
ton_haas.jpgTon Haas

Ton Haas Industrial Design is specialised in furniture and product design for international markets, both for home and contract.

Besides the industrial manufacturing Ton Haas has a special interest in folk arts and traditional crafts from Non Western orgins and also in this field already many projects have been realised.

Although Ton Haas Industrial Design is located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, his markets and clients are found worldwide.

During the years the studio developed a way of working which has a high output and leads to successful and satisfying projects and products.

Some of the projects we are involved with are initiated within the studio and are then further co-developed with a producer/partner. Other projects start from scratch on a specific brief from the client.

Ton Haas products are characterised by their respect for the user and translated into clarity in form and material. His work shows large diversity in subject, function and execution.

Drisag is specialised in office furniture projects. The company has a large program of office furniture and related accessories. Our team of interior designers listens to your desires and offers you a professional interior advice. You are coached in making the right decisions, from designing to the delivery of your project. Since many years Drisag is well-known as a manufacturer of ergonomic swivel chairs. In our production we apply the best materials, the finest fabrics and leathers in our qualitative seating. We put our expertise at disposal for tailor-made projects and private label production.

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