With Slats that garden feeling is always arround

Design by Bertjan Pot
Bertjan Pot

bertjan_pot.jpgA flirt with computer esthetics and industrial production methods, but without using a computer. Almost all designs come from experiments in materials, old and new. The way a product feels is just as important as how it looks.

Only recently I was reflecting on my work and I found out that a lot of projects could be described as structural and non structural skins. As in the Knitted lamp where I froze a soft textile around a cluster of balloons and where the resin drained textile becomes the hard structure. It is similar to the Carbon Chair, the Random Light and the Random Chair where a skin becomes a product. Also in the Old Fruits, Tops and Bottoms where a dried skin of a squash becomes the actual structure of a product one could speak of a structural skin.

The Non structural skins can be found in the Seamless Chair, or a project like The Anarchistic Chess and the upcoming Slim-Table for Arco, where objects are covered in an extra layer, but where the extra skin is not structural but gives the piece its own identity, meaning or function.

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