Drisag, a creative and innovative company...
Drisag nv/sa
Office Inspirators since 1970

Industriepark Klein Gent
Diamantstraat 4, 2200 Herentals, Belgium
phone: +32 14 23.11.11
fax:      +32 14 23.10.20

The showroom is open all workingdays from 8hr30 to 17hr00

Get inspired 24hr/24hr by visiting our virtual showroom.


Drisag is specialised in office furniture projects. The company has a large program of office furniture and related accessories. Our team of interior designers listens to your desires and offers you a professional interior advice. You are coached in making the right decisions, from designing to the delivery of your project. Since many years Drisag is well-known as a manufacturer of ergonomic swivel chairs. In our production we apply the best materials, the finest fabrics and leathers in our qualitative seating. We put our expertise at disposal for tailor-made projects and private label production.

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